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On a recent visit, I saw the new Commonwealth Games logo that Delhi is hosting in 2010. It was too familiar. I had seen it before, somewhere. After many days and nights of the ‘seen-it-somewhere-but cant-remember-where’ bug troubling my mind, I finally recalled having seen something strangely similar in one of the books I had recently gone through. Lo and behold, I was right.

On page 247 of ‘Logo Design’ – publisher Taschen (Editor Julius Wiedemann) is the logo no.0779 for OLN -Outdoor Life Network proposal. This cannot be coincidence. Or is it? Check it out yourself.



For an event as big as the Commonwealth Games, people should not be getting inspirations from Logo Design books to create another logo. This is quite ridiculous. There is certain national pride attached to such logos or any logo for that matter, one can’t be copying for heaven’s sake. Imagine OLN filing a case of copyrights infringement, what a shame it would be. If you come across the creator of the Commonwealth Games logo, do drop in a line. Here, or to them. Thanks.

(Needless to say, the Logo Design book has been in the market much before the Commonwealth logo came into being.)


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